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My husband and I were rewatching a show that discusses different beliefs and different faiths and how those things lead us to take action.  In the course of the show, I noticed that no matter how different the beliefs were, the variety and the depth, the things they believed in were nearly always supported.  They believed in nature and nature supported them.  They believed in light and the light guided them.  They believed in spirit and spirit answered.  The same is true for us.  Our beliefs lead us down the path we think is right. Talking about belief and what it means is this: our reality is based off of what we believe.  And what we believe makes reality.  Anything we believe becomes real.

We always have a choice in what we entertain.  In what we take in and in what we share.  We know what makes sense to us and we have a choice to follow that or deny it.  But I have seen in more cases than not, when we follow what makes sense and what feels right to us, amazing things happen.  Miracles happen.  Suddenly new ways open up and we find our way out of the dark.  The bottom line is we have to choose.  We have to commit and we have to believe.  There is no half-way around a belief.  I’ve spent a lot of my life on the cusp, the precipice, the edge, dipping my toes in the pool and waiting to see what feels right.  And suddenly, watching this incredibly violent yet meaningful show, it clicked.  Making the choice and dedicating to it is what makes things happen.

So I guess that’s the next step, right?  Figuring out what beliefs fit.  I’m not talking about zealotry or even idolatry,  I’m talking about the principles we define for ourselves and how we follow them.  I’m talking about making peace with our identities and honoring that.  I’m talking about where that identity takes us in the grand scheme of things as it relates to our purpose.  The things we like aren’t just about acquiring things or power, they are about guiding us toward what we are meant to do.  I know there has been the age old discussion about right and wrong, good and bad which naturally evolves into WHO is right or wrong and good or bad.  But the truth is it doesn’t matter.  Those definitions are arbitrary in the grand scheme of things because the point is that the universe responds to frequency and vibration and when we believe, the universe answers.

It isn’t up to us to make the distinction between things and their worth.  All we are meant to do is fulfill our purpose based on what we know is right for us.  But we need to honor other people’s rights to their beliefs as well.  We aren’t all meant to believe the same things because we do not have the same purpose to fulfill—I know that seems pretty basic and even redundant but the point isn’t lost.  In Dogma, the thirteenth apostle says, “I think it’s better to have ideas.  You can change an idea.”  And this still ties into belief.  Yes, ideas create the foundation for belief because at that stage we can still shift and stack and move them.  But beliefs become the guiding force as the ideas solidify.  We need both, the flexibility and the foundation in order to create what is right for us.  Nature isn’t one thing and we are part of nature.  Do not become so rigid you can’t see a new way and do not be so flexible there is no direction. 

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