Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for expanding experiences.  I’ve been focusing on my physical health lately and I joined a friend yesterday with a group she runs/walks with.  We went to a park not too far from me and we caught up a bit while we worked out.  I got to meet some new people and hear about some wonderful causes and experiences that they work for.  I’ve been working out in isolation for the last few months so it was a nice change of pace and we could not have asked for more beautiful weather.  Everything is coming alive and it’s green and the water of the river is flowing and there is life everywhere.  It’s a beautiful reminder of connected ness to see that life while taking care of yourself.

Today I am grateful for healing.  Healing is not a new topic in this blog, but I feel the need to express gratitude for it because the healing is what moves me forward.  The healing is where I make peace with what happened (that can’t be changed) but feel an understanding for where it fit in.  There are events in all of our lives that we have zero control over and it feels helpless.  We can make the choice to become a victim or we can incorporate the lesson.  In full transparency there are lessons I’ve had to repeat nearly my entire life—I’m still repeating some of them.  But the beauty of healing is when those lessons finally click.  The beauty of healing is when we no longer feel controlled by what we need to learn and we accept it and then bring out the next level of ourselves.  Healing brings more hope for the future than pain over the past.

Today I am grateful for inspiration.  I’ve been following people that keep me motivated for a long time.  They have similar goals and mindsets and a lot of them have goals and mindsets that I’m striving for (even if I’m not there yet).  Recently one of the women I follow got a book published for the first time.  In Gabby Bernstein’s teachings, she says that when people around us start manifesting the goals we have for ourselves, we should get excited.  It means we are on the same frequency if someone seems to be getting what you want.  When I saw this woman was getting published, my first reaction was shock.  I had no idea that she was going the author route.  Then I had a moment of jealousy and victimhood, feeling like everyone was achieving something but me.  And then I saw her reaction video to holding her book and I remembered Gabby’s words: that is my goal.  I’m so grateful to remember that our power is linked and that there is plenty of room for all of our words in this world.    

Today I am grateful for listening to my body.  I’ve been pushing hard mentally and physically for a good stretch of time now and today, the weather is a bit gloomy, so it is a perfect day to listen to my body and rest.  To hear what I actually need and stop all the busyness for a while.  To readjust and recalibrate.  To simply be for a little while.  I’m trying to take care of my body better but there are moments when, even if you’re doing something good for yourself, you can push too far.  It’s too much and you need to heal. I’m letting my body adjust to this new me and it’s about listening to what works now.  It’s not about giving up, it’s about protecting my longevity. 

Today I am grateful to dream.  I’m grateful to get out from under the weight of reality that traps me where it feels like I deserve the anxiety and believe the lies it tells me.  I’m grateful to enjoy the moment and spend time with my husband and son, watching some TV, resting my body, reading a book, and connecting.  Sometimes we have to create our own peace in spite of what’s happening around us.  The truth is we always have to create our own peace.  We need to find what keeps us steady so we know how to adjust the sails when the storm comes or when to find harbor.  Today is a day of harbor but it is no less productive.  I’m in touch with me. 

Today I am grateful to simply be alive.  I feel my body and I hear it speaking to me again after not speaking for so long.  I hear my intuition ramping back up and I know it is right on time.  I have no idea what some of it means and I’m still learning to fully listen without my anxiety chiming in, but there are signs everywhere.  I watched a movie I used to watch as a kid yesterday and today while my husband and I were watching a show, one of the songs I used to sing from that movie was in it.  I’m grateful to be alive and remember that there is a reason for it all and that I am right on time.  I’m grateful to do what I can with that time.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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