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“Go within to find joy before you try to go out to find joy, wherever you decide to go, you will be there,” via thefallbackup.  What a timely follow up to yesterday’s piece.  Last weekend I wrote about having fun again and yesterday we spoke about answering that calling we feel regardless of whether or not we are good at it.  The answers we seek are always within us.  They are always available and present.  We just have to retrain our minds to hear them.  I mistook a lot of my life for doing.  Always in a state of rushing and checking things off the list (even if it wasn’t my list) and keeping other people on track (when it wasn’t my place) and trying to accomplish things (that weren’t my goals).  All for the sake of being liked and perceived as amenable and useful.  All I really wanted was to be accepted.

I feel like joy is the answer to this as well.  We feel joy when we are accepted and if we learn to accept ourselves then we will always have something to be joyful about.  We can provide for ourselves that which we lack. We don’t need permission from anyone and we don’t need to be deemed worthy to experience joy.  We can honor and inherently accept and emit—and BE—joy.  It isn’t something we have to hunt beyond our own mind.  We are the perceivers of what we experience—we are neither the experience itself or what people tell us what we should feel about it.  We are how we feel about it, and that is flexible. 

If we seek stability, that too has to come from within.  And I am going to share something some might not agree with: stability is the ability to find that joy no matter where we are.  it is the ability to keep a level internal base regardless of what’s happening around us.  We can still feel joy in the hard times as well.  We can be grateful for the lesson no matter how we feel about it.  We can always ask ourselves if this is happening to us or if we are being called to step up in a new way.  I had a chat with an employee last week and she has been experiencing a lot of emotional turmoil in her personal life.  I finally told her that none of these things are happening to her, they are all happening around her.  She is actually a calm center for these events and perhaps she is the light for them.  Her job isn’t to take on the feelings for them, rather to support them how she can. That is true for all of us.

There is joy in being who we really are, in authentic expression.  There is joy in loving your life.  Quite frankly, that is almost audacious in this day and age.  Rather than curate what you think looks like joy to others, what happens if you actually do what brings you joy?  Wow.  It’s revolutionary.  I’m not interested in projecting an idea or an image of how I want people to perceive me.  I’m interested in finding what does me the most good and what allows me to be who I am.  From there I want to share that as much as I can because lighting ourselves up and being who we are meant to be is revolutionary.  The more we can awaken people to their power and allow them to find what actually works for them, the easier it will be to make the changes we are actually seeking.

Joy looks like connection and fun and purpose.  That is a new definition of work.  This is a type of work that serves no other purpose than to shift the ideas we’ve existed with forever, the idea that in order to be worthy or have an enjoyable life, we need to feed the system.  I say find that happiness in ourselves and perhaps we can stop operating as machines.  We don’t need more automation and ease or faster production lines.  We need authentic expression and connection that opens the door for a new reality.  We are all aware that things are breaking down and we are also waiting for answer to come to us with a new paradigm.  We are forgetting we have the power and the necessity to create that new paradigm with each other.  We just have to give up the idea of power over people.  That is where joy comes in as well: when we are full and fulfilled, we don’t look for control over others.  We are open.  So allow joy in!  Find yourself and express it wholly.  That is what the world needs.      

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