Easy or Lazy

Photo by Thirdman on Pexels.com

Awakening and honesty are really brutal things.  They don’t have to be, but when you’ve been a people pleaser all your life and have to start looking at your own behavior, it can be quite scary.  I operated under the misconception for most of my life that if you did as you were told then you would get the specific result you’re looking for.  At first, I took it as a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours type of deal.  Easy peasy, set a goal and finish it.  The reality is, it’s manipulation.  We do what little we can for as much reward because it gets tiring doing things for other people hoping you get what you want.  I’ve also been an achiever most of my life, checking things off the list to get to the next task, to get the next goal, expecting a certain result.  I mean, even playing Super Mario Brothers with my kid, I want to hit every question box and get every coin along the way.  I’m looking for the little wins along the way and not always thinking long term.

I read a passage (another author uncited) that talked about the challenges and getting to the “good stuff.”  Yes, taking the low hanging fruit is satisfying and feels like we’ve accomplished something, but the victory really comes when we get to the other side.  Sometimes we have to give up what is right in front of us in favor of making it to the good stuff a little further on.  Challenges are designed for us to find who we are.  They are designed to elicit the purpose that only we can fulfill.  It’s not a punishment.  And we can’t all be winners at every single thing.  Sometimes we are merely meant to learn the lesson and move on to the bigger picture, the lesson meant for us. 

Life isn’t about always being right or getting what we are owed. It’s about recognizing our place and purpose in this world and doing everything we can to fulfill that role.  That isn’t easy.  Staying the course you know is right for you over the one you are told to take goes against our instincts to stay safe with the group.  But it honors the instincts we have for ourselves.  That is what we need to remember.  That is when things get easier.  That is when we see the path and know what we are doing.  That is when we know what direction to go and that is when it flows.

I mistook life, expecting easy because I did what I was supposed to.  And sometimes that is the hardest habit to break.  We can’t expect anyone or anything to fulfill our demands and expectations.  We have to go with the flow.  The only time we can expect anything is that life will unfold exactly as it is meant to.  There are times when nature works out how we think it will, or when the cards fall the way we think. But not everything operates on a formula.  Sometimes we have to take a chance and go beyond what we’ve always done, get out of the comfort zone and find where growth happens.  Then it’s like a veil is lifted and a whole new world is open to us.  So don’t always look for easy.  Don’t seek out comfort.  Seek out what calls you and go there.  Follow it no matter what it looks like.  We aren’t meant for easy.  We are meant for purpose.

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