A Reminder On Endings

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

I just want to share a quick thought, a quick reminder on ending.  The world moves at an incredible pace and there are times it feels like we are headed directly toward the brink, toward the end of life.  Some people have already said, “F#$* it” and put on their party hats and await the destruction.  Others are trying to hang on for dear life.  Then there are others that remind us of the middle ground.  Destruction and ending mean many things.  The creation of life is destructive.  Cells come together and then divide and multiply until they evolve into a living being.  Creating art is destructive.  Taking the raw materials and putting them together into something new.  Nothing is the same as it was before—it’s a new creation. 

The point is that sometimes while things seem to be falling apart, it really is a clearing of ways.  Destruction doesn’t necessarily mean the end and it certainly doesn’t always mean death.  What it can mean is the end or death of a way of being.  The seedling destroys the seed in order to grow up through the earth and become the plant.  If it stayed in its shell the whole time, it would suffocate.  It has to destroy what it knows and push toward the light in order to fulfill its purpose.  The same can be said of us.  One of my favorite sayings is, “Sometimes when you’re in a dark place, you think you’ve been buried when really you’ve been planted,”  Christine Caine.  Things seem a bit bleak for a lot of people right now—but we are all heading toward something.  The truth is none of us knows what that is right now, but I have faith that we are creating something new.

I don’t feel like this is literally global destruction.  I feel like there are people awakening and planting seeds all over.  I believe that we can come together and reach a collective middle ground, save our homes and ourselves as well as future generations.  That may seem lofty, but the bottom line is, I don’t think we are dying.  I think the way we live is dying.  I think we are re-evaluating a systems approach, especially a system that doesn’t work for everyone.  I think we are seeing more and more that the system does NOT work and what we feel is the fear of not knowing what we would do in its stead.  Every day more and more people are looking for connection and looking for answers about different ways of doing things.  And the beautiful part is that more and more people are succeeding in breaking the pattern.  The most exciting part is that we can witness it—that is sharing of light.

I’m not saying that any of this is easy.  I AM saying that this is something to get excited about.  This is something to appreciate and look forward to.  I know it’s scary, but it is far from over.  We have an opportunity to create something new.  We have an opportunity to make things better.  Over the last three decades, people have been complacent.  We’ve had huge technological advances that have created unrealistic expectations and even laziness among us.  This hasn’t served the purpose of connection, rather creating more discord.  But we can turn that around.  We can change the course and allow the petty things we used to fight over die.  We can let that way go and start something new.  What a gift!

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