Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for long conversations.  It has been years since I’ve had a long conversation about anything.  It isn’t that I haven’t wanted to share things (clearly, as I share every day here, hello 😊), it’s just that the circle I’m with doesn’t always want to discuss some of the more impacting things happening with emotion lately.  I spoke with my sister for almost two hours yesterday night and for the first time in a long time, it felt like we were speaking the same language.  It wasn’t just the words.  It felt like there was a real connection again. There is a part of us that needs to be felt as much as it needs to be heard because sometimes words fail what we are trying to express.  And sometimes we just need to have that moment of connection to satisfy what we thought we were looking for.  It isn’t that we want every thought heard or recognized, no.  It’s more that a very specific part of us is yearning to be heard and recognized.  Once that happens, an immense relief spreads over us. 

Today I am grateful for wakeup calls.  I mentioned that I had a conversation with my mentor earlier this week and she asked me about what I actually want to do.  I wanted to share my gratitude with this again because there are certain moments in life that spark your mind or remind you about what’s really important.  That conversation reminded me to stop overcommitting and to narrow down the focus of what I’m trying to do.  It reminded me to stop trying to be everything and to simply be myself.  When we align with who we are, the rest becomes effortless.

Today I am grateful for fun.  As any introspective and problem finder type person will attest to, we make the world heavy on ourselves.  The world isn’t meant to be heavy all the time.  We aren’t meant to do all the things at once and we aren’t meant to have it all figured out in one shot.  We are simply meant to honor our path by acknowledging and following what we feel, the truth of who we are.  Part of that is simply having fun. Gabby Bernstein talks about joy leading us further than fear and it is true.  I was raised in fear.  I was raised in obligation and self-doubt and proving worth.  That creates a highly responsive nervous system, always on alert for what we are doing wrong.  It also makes for a selfish person because we deny the world our gifts when we hold ourselves back from sharing what we are meant to share.  Having fun reminds us to make peace with the inner depths of who we are.

Today I am grateful for movement and getting outside.  As spring unfolds and we release the last vestiges of winter (no more snow!), it’s nice to get outside again.  We went for a bike ride yesterday and even tried to fish a bit—still too cold for that—but it was nice to get out and do things we haven’t done for a while.  See the above about fun 😊  The truth is the world can be really simple if we let go of the expectations we’ve created and align with the natural rhythm of what IS.  There is a time for work and a time for discourse and there is also a time for fun.  Fun doesn’t stop when we become adults.  The fun stops because was said it has to.  So getting in touch with that fun through movement and expression of energy is key.     

Today I am grateful for the ever changing realizations about life.  I don’t think we will ever have it all “figured out” when it comes to life and what we do.  I am grateful to be part of the game and to figure out where I do belong.  What I want to do. My purpose.  Driving myself harder and farther and creating a new pathway for myself.  I’ve been asked the question about who I want to be before and I always thought about it.  But I treated it as a thing I would put on for the day.  Adapting and becoming someone new is an entirely different story.  There is work that goes along with that, steps to take.  It isn’t something you put on like a cloak.  It’s something you become.  I’m ready to become.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.  Be grateful and embrace it!

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