The Click

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I just want to add a short post about the click.  I mentioned yesterday about an electricity I felt in a recent encounter with a friend of mine.  It was almost a magnetic feeling.  It was an instantaneous feeling in my stomach of “Yes, what they are saying is right,” along with, “They get me.”  I just wanted to elaborate on that so it’s clear we know what we are looking for.  I can’t guarantee it’s the same for everyone, but I can guarantee we all have our tells for when we know when we feel that “it.” 

I’ve been afraid to follow that feeling before because it opens a lot of uncertainty.  You don’t know what comes next if you go for it.  But I know how good it feels. It suddenly feels like freedom, like the chain isn’t slipping on the gear any longer.  There is flow.  We are meant to be in that state.  We are meant to click into place and let life be easy.  I can’t reiterate enough that we are not all designed the same way so we are not all meant to desire the same thing and we are not all meant to go about the same path, trying to reach the same outcome.  It simply doesn’t work like that.  We are meant to find what drives our gears and let it go. 

Those feelings aren’t meant to be ignored.  They are meant to be seized and they are meant to change our lives.  They are meant to show us the ease that we can choose.  My gratitude post alluded to that feeling as well.  We don’t need to be doing all things all the time.  We don’t have to be everything to everyone.  We all need to take a break and have some fun.  We all need to be seen and heard and accepted.  We all need fulfillment.  So if you feel something, if you feel the spark when you are with someone or when you’re doing something. If you have a nagging thought of, “Wouldn’t it be cool if…,” then that is your sign.  That is for you to follow with abandon.    

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