We Know It’s a Lie

Photo by RODNAE Productions on Pexels.com

At work the other day we had the official welcome announcement about the merger with another hospital in our area.  I listened to hear what they had to say about this newest venture, roughly a year after we joined the same group, and I felt a serious sense of déjà vu.  As the new CEO discussed this latest acquisition with the CEO, the exact same story played out.  I mean, the same goals, the same plan, the same everything came out.  It felt completely practiced—and honestly, maybe that’s a good thing in situations like this because it’s consistent.  The goal is clear and it would be the same blah blah blah.  But what got to me is the messaging is about serving the community even though we cover a huge area and the words were exactly the same.  It felt fake.

How much of what we take in on a day to day basis is real?  Honestly, do we even know how to be real anymore?  I’m not so sure.  Every message is curated and refined and practiced and serves a purpose.  I don’t know if we can handle reality.  I was raised by entrepreneurs from a generation where someone’s word meant something.  Where people believed and when they spoke they stood behind their message.  Here I was listening to a beautiful message—but it was the same one.  How is it possible to take such vastly different organizations and treat them exactly the same?  We’re starting from different points so our actions HAVE to be different.  The same can be said for what we sell to each other.  We don’t want to tell the truth because we are afraid people won’t accept us as we are. 

When it comes to our day to day, finding what is real has to come from inside.  Learning to connect with people has to be genuine.  I’m guilty of not knowing how people will receive me and trying to put on a façade I think will gain acceptance.  We all want to be accepted.  But I see how the world we created isn’t real.  It’s an image.  If we want it to be real, we need to get to the roots again and learn to celebrate what blooms.  I feel like the world IS starting to wake up and we no longer want to see the pretty picture.  We want the truth.  There is something stirring in all of us that knows deep down we need the truth in order to move forward.  We are so trained to look at the negative aspects of our lives because we are sold ways to make it perfect.  What if we started looking at ways to perfect how we feel in our skin?  What if we are sold ways to see what IS as pefect?

This world as it stands to day is going through massive upheaval and so many people think it’s because of their actions.  That is true—what is happening to day is a direct result of our actions and the actions of generations millenia before us.  But the upheaval is about more than cause and effect.  It’s about awakening and realizing the way we live today isn’t sustainable, it doesn’t work.  There was a time it felt like something good was happening but as we dig through, our global history is bloody, and about dominance and power, and ego.  Our souls know that we are capable of more than that.  So when we start seeing or hearing messaging that sends out a trigger or doesn’t feel quite right, it’s real.  We were just taught to ignore it and accept what we are told.  I’m here to ask you to start listening to that trigger again. 

I know how terrifying it is to be vulnerable.  I know the shame it brings about and the stigma’s that arise but I will tell you that there is a tipping point where none of that matters.  You realize the outside doesn’t get to see nearly as much of you as you do and it is far more important to open up to what is inside of you and to be the person you are meant to be.  Liking yourself becomes more important than someone else liking you.  It’s more important than acquiring another thing, or appearing a certain way.  We can only break through the veil if we lift our own first.  It’s uncomfortable because we are navigating some new territory, but it is worth it.  Spread that message because the world needs it.      

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