Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for the ability to align with the universe a bit more.  Yesterday my husband had a conversation with a family member and it really triggered me because there are similarities in his behavior.  We discussed it and I told him my concerns, and as soon as I was done, I heard a voice say, “Her story is not yours.”  Instantly calm washed over me.  I picked up a book I’m reading and within a few pages, the line, “Their story is not mine,” popped up.  I immediately started laughing.  The universe teaches us to redirect in funny ways sometimes—or not so funny but more direct ways 😊.  The point is to listen—and I heard that loud and clear last night and I trusted the message I heard was real only to have it confirmed in the book.  I drew some cards this morning and they all talked about releasing fear and aligning with love.  The universe is love—we just need to remember that.

Today I am grateful for timing.  Continuing on with alignment, the universe has a way of letting us know what to prioritize.  My health is better than it was a year ago, but I still have work to do.  My husband has done an amazing job at cutting out some of the bad habits he had, specifically with sugar, and he has seen amazing results.  As we were talking yesterday, I found myself thinking, “this is an area that I need to stick with as well, he’s doing a great job.  He’s showing me how to stick with it.”  Later, our neighbors contacted us asking if we wanted to take some workout equipment from them.  We had been volleying back and forth for a while on whether or not to buy some equipment to keep moving forward, and then they come through and offer it to us.  Love how the universe works!

Today I am grateful to acknowledge the habits I’ve had that were created in fear.  I’m grateful for this because I see where I’ve been holding myself back and need to make some changes.  I see how what I thought was protecting me really was created as a way to hold onto something that needed to be released.  I see how the habits I have around people and what I do in my home are designed to keep me “safe” but they have done me more harm than good.  I understand those fears (and they still pop up constantly) were the result of trauma and the fear of loss.  I also understand that life moves in ways that can be painful at times.  We never think we are ready and we are pushed, or we think we can’t live without someone/something and they/it are taken away.  But habits that stem from that fear place aren’t good for us and time moves on no matter what we do.  It isn’t personal, it is the nature of life—or the life of nature.  So we can get on board or we can fight it—but we know what is easier.

Today I am grateful for knowing who I am.  I’ve spent a lot of time uncomfortable with setting boundaries or voicing my opinion to not be heard.  But as I work through the journey of learning who I am, I know I need to learn when what I need is no longer being served. 

Today I am grateful for the reminder to be patient.  I have a lot of expectations in this life and there are times I push too hard.  I don’t deal well with things not working how they “should” or going to plan, but I am so grateful for all of the reminders to keep being patient, to keep learning to accept.  That has been one of the most difficult journeys for me by far, but I am grateful that I am given chances to figure out what I need to do in a way that works for me.

Today I am grateful for new opportunities.  Along with being patient and reminders of who I am, the opportunities that I have been given have been waiting for me as well.  We repeat the same lessons until we learn them.  I know what is meant for me, and it is time to honor that gift and those opportunities by seizing them and seeing them through.  I am grateful for the patience of the universe to see those opportunities through.  

Wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.

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