Falling Doesn’t Matter

Photo by Mikhail Nilov on Pexels.com

“A kid falls more than 50 times to learn to walk.  He never thinks ‘maybe this isn’t for me’,” via Warrenbuffettquote.  Learning curves can be steep, but we don’t learn if we give up.  I’ve recently taken a chance on something I’ve never done before, but it’s something that has shown up in my life multiple times in multiple ways.  I believe in signs and this thing has shown up so many times over the years that I finally decided to give it a shot.  It also coincided with some of the life choices I mentioned in Saturday’s post.  And in true synchronistic fashion, as I had decided to NOT do it, the book I was reading mentioned that is exactly one of the things they recommend doing.  So I figured it’s time to take a chance and that I had been looking at the opportunity the wrong way.

So I took the leap and decided to really gamble on myself.  To really take things in my own hands and see what comes of it.  I know that not everything turns out as we plan but sometimes we have to take the chance anyway.  This quote from Warren Buffett reminded me that sometimes persistence and resilience is the key.  I firmly believe that we can’t blind ourselves and that when things aren’t working we need to pivot—but that isn’t a time to stop.  It’s a time to find a new approach.  So my new approach is an entirely different industry.  I’m taking a new approach.  One of the recommendations in “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” is that you don’t simply go after the money.  You need to focus on the lesson you want to learn.  So for me, learning how to manage a business is key.  I’ve always wanted my own business but I’ve struggle to define what that would be.  So I’m taking a shot on something different.  I can learn the business side and I can use those skills for my other projects.

Knowing there will be bumps in the road is key.  Whenever I made a financial risk before, I would always panic at the slightest hiccup or challenge.  But this time around, I will keep Buffet’s quote in mind.  When we fall, there is something to learn from it.  We can pick ourselves up and take another step forward.  We just have to remember the lesson in it.  Knowing that there will be challenges keeps our eyes open and anything good that comes of it is a surprise.  It’s a reprieve.   

I know venturing out on my own is risky but I figure that staying exactly where I am, wanting something else is riskier.  I need to take the chance.  There is something else I can learn in this and taking a calculated risk is never a bad thing.  Plus there comes a point when you’re hit with the same opportunity (after passing it up) so many times that you need to take the shot.  These things repeat for a reason.  It may not be the reason you think, but it will get you closer to where you need to be.  So I’m looking at this as a time to prepare for my falls and reminding myself that a fall isn’t a failure.  I’m ready for the lessons that are coming and I look forward to it! 

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