Little Things

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Just a small note on the little things in life.  I’ve seen countless memes/anecdotes/writings on how you want to be with someone who still tells you to be safe getting home, or how you know you’re a team when one carries the weight while the other is down.  Those things are true but sometimes the reminders on how important those things are come in different ways and when we least expect them.  I’ve been with my husband over 20 years now and, as I’ve written about, things haven’t been smooth the last month or so.  That doesn’t mean the love isn’t there, it just means we are redefining what love looks like for us. 

This morning, just before 5AM I got a call from my husband who had just left for work.  He told me to go and look at the moon because he thought it was pretty and wanted me to see it too.  While he may be struggling with my emotions/behaviors, he still takes the time to think of me and point out what he knows I will appreciate.  He still takes the time to point out my interests and look for the same type of synchronicities I do (repeating numbers, hawks, owls, etc.).  It’s those efforts that remind me there is something there.

Life has a way of piling things on our shoulders (or maybe we have a tendency of taking on too much) and it gets heavy.  Those are all distractions keeping us away from the real joys in life.  Those little moments where you know someone knows you.  Those phone calls telling you to go and look up at the moon.  Our time here is so short and it is so precious.  Put away the heavy.  Drop the distraction and simply allow your life.  Maybe instead of trying to put in more, we need to take on less.  When we can get out of the way, we can see those signs for what they are.  Marks of love and caring and reminders we are most certainly not alone in this world.  Our minds can get pretty dark sometimes and it is our job to remember to find the light.  Take the call.  Tell someone you love them.  Put down the load you’re carrying and reach out—you never know what will be on the other side.     

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