The Other Side

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“The life you want is on the other side of the shit you don’t want to do,” via ecommercementor.  The timing of this could not be better.  I love that even when things feel a little bleak or unclear, the universe still provides signs like this.  We all have an inner knowing that guides us.  We know when it’s time to move on and many of us spend years avoiding that move because we don’t want to give up what is familiar.  The point is—we KNOW when to move on and we CHOOSE to stay where we are.  We CHOOSE to interpret things a certain way (I will make allowances for our life experiences—some of that we have no say in).  The bottom line is that we give far too much power to what we THINK we have to do over what we KNOW we need to do.  We give too much power to our comfort and relying on our history over learning something new. 

As I’m working through layers and layers of stuff, I’m finding that there is a lot of resistance and a lot of safe reasons to not do something new.  It’s hard to reconcile when truth and logic aren’t wrong but they are what’s holding you back.  When do you decide to say screw it, I’m doing it anyway?  When does the pain of being where you are outweigh the fear of getting where you’re going? And when do we get sick enough of our own crap to do what we want to do regardless of what we are supposed to do?

The knowing eventually does get loud enough that it answers those questions for us.  Many times we don’t like the answer because it involves being something other than what we are used to.  Or we don’t have the confidence in our ability to do it so we convince ourselves that we shouldn’t even try.  But that knowing keeps persisting until we finally let go of the old way and leap for what is waiting.  Eventually we start to hear or see the steps we need to take because they become more and more prevalent until you have no choice but to go in that direction.  Don’t let fear or laziness or imagined uncertainty hold you back: listen and get clear on the steps and then TAKE them.

There are always things that need to be done whether they are the day to day tasks of survival, the day to day tasks we’ve been told make a successful life, or if they are things we know we have to do but constantly put off. We may not even like those.  But the point is we can do those activities because we believe we have to.  Imagine what it would feel like to do something that you may be afraid of or that you’re not comfortable with but it gives you everything you’ve been waiting for.  I’d rather take action I’m not thrilled about knowing that it gets me closer to where I need to be than taking action I dread for the sake of someone else’s profit that keeps me where I’m at.

Everything you want to do can be done—you just have to get over the fear of not being able to do it.  You have to put your energy toward what you want to do.  If you can spend the majority of your life doing what other people told you, you can have a few hours a week where you do what YOU tell you to do and let that be something that guides you toward what you really want.  If it’s scary, do it.  If it takes more energy, do what you can.  If it feels overwhelming, take one step at a time.  It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do something authentically aligned.  Everything is waiting for you there.     

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