Creating A Manifesto

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I want to preface this with I have recreated myself so many times and I will recreate myself an infinite amount more.  After writing about forgiving, believing, and creating, I figured an example was in order.

Today I decide the bullshit ends.  The fear, the unnecessary stress, the worry of what others thing…of anything I’m doing, the sensitivity, the waiting to be me, the guilt of who I thought I would be and the actions I couldn’t quite keep in line.  Today I pick up the healing, the patience, the truth of who I am, what I want to do, the steps to be who I’m meant to be.  Today I put down the mantle, the yoke of what I was and put on the cloak and scepter of who I am.  I know it’s a journey.  I will falter.  But I know I can trust myself to get back up or even fly as needed.  I can trust myself to get back on track and see this through.  The reality is what I make of it, it is here for the creating.  IT will get messy.  Healing usually is.  So is creation.  We are born in blood and human ichor and we move through life like that.  Sometimes we even go out that way, filthy and bruised.  So while it is messy, it is beautiful.  And necessary.  And transcendent.  Get my hands dirty.  Feel the grit.  Let it take away some of the softness.  THAT is real.  We can’t life coddled and call it living.  Break the mold and embrace my greatness.  Are YOU ready to do the same?  Let the bullshit end.

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