Too Much?

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“If they say you are too much maybe they’re not enough”—unknown.  People equate evolution and leveling up as a threat.  When they see others at a different level, especially when there was a common ground before, they automatically face all of their fears of being left behind and their insecurities of whether or not they can do the same thing.  I’m incredibly guilty of this.  The bitter voice of jealousy often rang through my mind when I saw people close to me succeeding in ways that I believed I should be succeeding.  I felt like they were too much for me, like I wasn’t good enough. I kept quiet and swallowed any potential I had because I wasn’t where they were at and didn’t believe that I could get there.

The funny thing is, I’ve always had a voice.  I always had something to say and I often got loud about it.  But I didn’t always monitor the content of what I said.  I was always told how loud I was and how I needed to rein it in.  As a child, I was even called a bimbo because I still wanted to have fun.  So I made sure to always appear extra studious and serious and focused.  But that wasn’t mean either.  It hurt me at first, taking in the judgements of others.  I had to learn to stop internalizing it.  I had to learn to stop adjusting the quality or volume of my voice and learn to work on the content of what I was saying.  Two very different things.

There are some people who will be offended by what we do or say no matter what.  And honestly, if we spent our days tailoring our conversations to each and every single person we met we’d be wasting a lot of time and nothing of any value would be shared regardless.  We lose the message when we focus on making it palatable for everyone instead of getting to the root of what we are trying to say.  And, really, it doesn’t matter if someone doesn’t like what we have to say because an opinion doesn’t change the facts of what we share.  Often they wish they had the courage to say what you’re saying. 

Keep sharing your message because you wouldn’t have it if you weren’t meant to share it.  While some people may think it’s too much, it will be just enough for others and it will inspire them to go to the next level as well.  We aren’t meant to be the same flavor for everyone—the world is full of lots of colors and don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re meant to stay one shade.  We are here for a reason and that is to be completely who we are.  The world needs you, just as you are.    

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