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“Every time we level up, we have to readjust our boundaries.  What was ok before no longer works.  The people in our lives, our self-care rituals and the environments and situations we engage with must all adjust and meet our new vibrational frequency in order to be sustained,”  Via the third eye heals.  Put simply, as we change our mindset, we learn that what we used to think and feel and accept in our lives no longer works.  Learning to navigate the waters out of what was once ok can feel scary at first because we haven’t fully developed our sense of worth.  It’s a new environment and any move we make is followed by a period of adjustment.

It’s oh so tempting to fall back onto the familiar and what we know, but our soul clearly tells us it is time to move forward. This is how it’s meant to be.  We are meant to explore all the levels of this world and bring forward everything we were gifted in order to share our greatness.  Advancing ourselves advances those around us.  Evolution is a necessary part of life and that means establishing new definitions of what is acceptable and what isn’t.  And here is the key part: those boundaries apply to ourselves as well.

The hardest part of evolution is learning to match our actions with our beliefs.  Learning boundaries means getting serious about what we want and then adapting to what works for that new mindset or new lifestyle.  If we say we want to get healthy, then eating fast food multiple times a week isn’t going to get us there.  While it’s a convenient option, it isn’t what works for attaining health so we have to set the boundary for ourselves and learn that we need to meal prep and make better choices for ourselves. 

Once we are comfortable with our new self-imposed boundaries, then the boundaries we set with those around us at work, at home, or even passing by in the street become easier.  At least they flow more naturally.  But it takes practice and determination.  If we are meant to move forward in our lives (and I know in my heart that we are all meant to move forward) then it is necessary to create an environment in which we can do that.  Again, it isn’t always comfortable and it can quite often be scary.  If our work environment is no longer conducive to the person we are becoming then we have to make the choice to sacrifice a level of security in order to do what we are meant to do.

I made a decision several months back to focus on self-care.  My body has been through a lot this year and I am still putting it through the wringer even though I know I need to be better about it.  I KNOW how important it is to prioritize my self-care and I’m still struggling to make it a priority.  During our recent move, my body struggled with the labor of it but it adapted so well, I know that it’s craving that type of movement.  The first steps we take are always the hardest but it is so worth it.  The things we lose always pale in comparison to what we get for taking the leap.  The journey forward, the journey up, can feel arduous but it will always feel guided.  The things we need always find us; it’s up to us to define what we take into our lives.  Choose to move forward and don’t EVER feel guilty setting a clear boundary on what works for you. 

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