Healing and Care

Photo by Monstera on Pexels.com

“Fall in Love with taking care of yourself.  Fall in love with the path of deep healing.  Fall in love with the best version of yourself but with patience, with compassion and respect for your own journey,”  Sylvester McNutt III.  We are given one vessel to carry us through this journey of life.  It is capable of some remarkable things—far more than we think it can do in some instances.  But we have to remember the entire package we are given: we are spiritual beings, we are chemical beings, we are physical beings, we are the result of billions of years of evolution that we can’t see and we are the result of a societal evolution that brought us to exist here and now.  We are all miracles.  The fact that we exist is a miracle and we so easily gloss over this simple fact.  We assign worth to people and things as if there is some hierarchy that exists (I mean, I’m not ignorant to the food chain, but I’m talking about societal expectations) in the natural order of things that says if you have money you’re more worthy or if you’re pretty you’re worthy.

We need to stop and take in every second we have and appreciate it for what it is: an absolute miracle.  For every one of us.  No matter what we look like or how much we have in the bank, our very existence is a miracle.  The incredible feats we can accomplish are miracles.  The fact that we are biological computers able to express and interpret emotion is a miracle.  This is not something we should ever take for granted.  We have to start teaching a new level of self-appreciation as well as appreciation for the human organism.  I’m not talking about egoic nonsense where we continue to celebrate arbitrary achievements.  I’m talking about recognizing on a deep level the fact that we exist.

I think the best way to do that is to honor bodies and have a deep look at the relationship we have with our body.  I’ve treated mine terribly.  I’ve shared my story of cutting and self-destruction so I am no stranger to self-loathing and self-inflicted pain.  All of that is a result of misinformed perception of perfection and a really unhealthy relationship to self.  It wasn’t until I recognized the fact that I put myself through hell and I am still standing and thriving and sharing a message that I really learned to appreciate my body.  I can do more and what is more important is that I want to. 

As we talk about the human organism, we need to remember that we are more than just a physical manifestation of a bunch of chemicals.  We are mental and spiritual beings.  We are a complicated package set in a complicated time.  We give into distraction because we are told that is normal and we are told that sitting with difficult emotions is too hard.  But doing the healing work is so necessary and it will take us farther than we ever thought possible.  When we are healed we are whole.  And that doesn’t happen over night.  It can be scary work and it’s painful at times, but it is worth every second of temporary pain to create a worth while foundation.

Self-care isn’t selfish: it is completely necessary in order to learn to thrive.  I will repeat that message as many times as it takes.  Self-care isn’t selfish—it is necessary.  It looks different to everyone and it can look different from day to day depending on the need of the moment.  Our minds and bodies are really good communicators as long as we learn how to listen.  While our societal training teaches us to ignore those voices, our spiritual beliefs teach us to hear.  We can only know what is right for us when we silence the external noise and sit with what is inside of us.  It is a lovely process.  I agree with McNutt’s advice: fall in love with that process.  Do it over and over again until you feel like whole being again.  You will never regret it.

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