New Month, New Moves, New Mindset

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“Live like a wolf.  Wild, Free, Hungry,” via Millionaire Mentor.  This is all about mindset.  I’ve been given a lot in this world and my drive is different now.  I no longer want to take what I’m given.  I want to take that and turn it into something I can produce for someone else.  I want to make it more than what I’ve done in the past.  I finally understand what it means to be of service.  This is the type of mindset that propels you forward because it’s about motivation to serve in a way that aligns with who you are.  It’s taking the best of you and putting it out into the world.  The drive is different when you want to do more as opposed to getting through the day/week/month.

It is a different type of hunger than hunger that comes from fulfilling your own needs.  It’s a hunger that keeps you going and fuels ideas.  You’re not looking for ways to zone out or feel better, you’re looking for solutions and opportunities where other people don’t see any.  It is a way that sees beyond limitations, period.  Just because it doesn’t exist, this type of hunger makes the way.  “No” isn’t in its vocabulary.  That type of tenacity and drive isn’t looking for the next thing to make it feel good, it’s looking for the next thing it can bring to the table and it will make the damn table if it has to.

When we see how much we are able to control the direction of our lives, the power is insatiable and it isn’t able to turn off; the drive doesn’t go away when it comes from within.  We are taught to fear that power and that it’s dangerous to go after the things that really call to us.  I’m learning to use that fear as an opportunity to hone my instincts.  We are taught to ignore the very things that guide us in the right direction—why do you think that is?  Because there is a better way, better than the systems we have in place and the systems don’t want us to know that.  As we learn to trust ourselves and create a new reality, we wake up from the society induced coma we’ve created.  We see that there is more to the world.  That we don’t need to feed a system—we need to feed ourselves.  Our drive, our purpose, our calling—that is what needs fuel.

Don’t ever fear the power that comes from within.  It’s there for a reason.  You wouldn’t have it if you weren’t meant to.  And I believe that because I can’t see a world in which we would be given a gift we weren’t meant to use.  What a waste.  I feel like the first gift we need to acknowledge is our humanity.  While we praise success and profit and power, there is so much more of that in our ability to stand up after we’ve fallen, after we’ve lost and try again, while we practice the skills we want to share with the world.  Our resilience is a power as well.  To hear the voice that says, “Don’t give up,” and we stand to try again.     

So live like the wolf.  Let your hunger drive you.  Listen to the voice within and always believe you are powerful enough to achieve what you’re going after.  Embrace your power and hone it—only you can hear what it’s trying to tell you.  There is a freedom out there that we are told only a few can achieve, that it isn’t meant for all of us.  That is a lie.  We are meant to run wild, to form our packs, to support each other.  It’s all within is.

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