Defining Enough

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What is enough?  Rachel Cargle wrote about what constitutes enough in our lives and defining that for ourselves.  I don’t think I realized how much influence the outside had on my decisions for what I wanted my life to look like.  We are trained to want more, bigger, better but we are not trained to ask if it serves our purpose.  That requires knowing what our purpose is. It is entirely personal.  Those are answers we will not find anywhere but in ourselves.

Cargle goes on to say that we need to define what holds the highest value for us and what brings the most joy.  She asks, “what feels to me like rich and meaningful living as opposed to checking off the to-do list that society handed me at birth?” That is an honest measure of what is enough and what success is.  To me, that is my son waking up and immediately crawling to my side, or my lap for morning cuddles.  Or watching him lay on the couch (or really sleeping anywhere), curled up in his blanket, and seeing the absolute innocence and potential of life.  It is watching him play.  It is listening to his words and understanding that the meaning of life is right in front of us.  It is sharing my life, knowing it may do some good, that while I have my own story, it resonates with others.  It is helping people awaken to new possibilities in their lives.  That is my animals herding me toward the kitchen because they’re starving (they’re not, they’re just dramatic 😊).  It is seeing that the chaos around me and the poor sleep is because there is so much love in this house—I am trusted, and I built that.

Purpose is being able to start again each day.  Pushing forward with hope no matter what the day before looked like.  It’s seeing the sunrise, hearing the birds, listening to the songs of the world.  It’s the taste of a meal I prepared.  It’s the movement of my body after sleeping, or working for too long and reconnecting with what the body is meant to do.  It’ drinking cold water.  It’s completing my book collection from my favorite authors (and adding to a to be read pile that will take forever to catch up on).  It’s thinking about a song and then hearing it on the radio.  It’s dancing with my kid in the kitchen.  It’s spending time with my family and listening to the laughter, hearing the same stories for the thousandth time and making new stories together.  It’s the feeling of organizing anything—putting meaning to chaos—and then doing it all over again.  It’s the starting again and moving on to the next step.  It’s deciding what I want life to look like and knowing I’m an active participant in it. 

Purpose is seeing the gentleness that is life.  Yes, there are harsh moments that seem destined to break us.  Those moments are really meant to build us up, to show us what we are meant to be, to make us who we really are.  Revealing who we are is the kindest act there is.  I can deal with the destruction of a pretty lie in favor of a stable truth.  Just because we don’t like something doesn’t negate it—and purpose is seeing the world as it is so we can play our role.  Purpose is finding the reason why things didn’t go as we had planned, slowly seeing the bigger picture. 

Purpose is the acceptance of who I am.  Taking the good and the bad, the light and the dark, and loving myself anyway.  It is learning to not take anything personally and moving forward with an open mind.  It is being open to learning what the world has to show me.  It is admitting I was wrong and working with my husband to build a life together.  It is hearing my husband admit where he was wrong too—because we are more willing to put aside our egos than we are to let go of our relationship.  It is leaving room for growth with both of us.  That means being willing to learn the other person all over again as we evolve.  It means leaving room for myself and honoring what changes come up. What is purpose to you?  What is enough?  What do you value?

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