Generation…What Does This Mean?

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Cheugy…This word started appearing in my feed a few weeks ago and I had no idea what it meant—generational gaps are now becoming more apparent as I age.  There just happened to be a random post about it today and it explained that it came up in 2013 from gen z describes things that are irrelevant or for people who try to hard.  Ok…so some random made up word has a sort of understandable meaning.  Then he presented some examples including a white dog with crusty eyes, patterned leggings, and adult Harry Potter fans.  A weird rage came over me, almost resentful.  I can’t believe this is a trend going around right now, continuing to label people and the things they like irrelevant.  The past year alone should have been enough to show us that time is too precious and life is too damn short to do anything other than what we love. Then the reasons why I got angry really hit me.

  1. Why are we passing judgement on what brings people joy?  We weren’t talking about outdated software or a toaster that doesn’t work anymore.  We are talking about the little things that make people happy, some things that give them meaning in their lives.  If you feel the need to keep up and change your tastes according to time or who you’re with, you’re not yourself, you’re performing.  People who embrace what they enjoy know themselves—and more often than not don’t need your validation.  Quite frankly you come across as a little jealous.
  2. The world needs joy more than anything right now.  Pure, unabashed, unashamed joy.  No matter what it looks like or where it comes from, the things you do to be happy are yours and that joy radiates to the world.  It means you give a damn.  And people who give a damn care about a lot of other things too—you’re judging what they do because you don’t give a damn about anything other than your appearance.  Finding joy means you’re more likely to reach out and connect with something other than what someone tells you to like.  Joy brings you to your center and shows you what you are meant to bring to the world.
  3. People DO need to try harder.  Stop trying to act like nothing matters because before you know it, the time you spent judging others and laughing at what they did is gone and you won’t be able to find the things that bring you joy.  It goes so quickly.  The world needs to give a shit, and like I said above, those who know how to find joy know how to find meaning beyond themselves.  Stop acting so self-important like your opinion matters more than someone’s joy.  Stop trying to destroy what they’re doing and build something for yourself.
  4. We’ve clearly forgotten what matters in this world.  The social unrest we have seen over the last year is the loudest it has ever been and we still find the time to create a bullshit term to identify and classify and degrade people for being themselves.  How is this still happening?  People who like to judge are hiding just as much pain, so I do empathize, but I do not condone this method of coping. 

It amazes me that we still pretend like we have the luxury of classifying and putting people down for completely irrelevant reasons.  In their own speak, that seems cheugy to me.  The irony is you’re trying to make yourself relevant by telling people what they do is meaningless.  You’re searching for meaning by creating a false category that people can’t get out of because it’s based on your opinion.  We need to be kind.  We need to embrace ourselves and ignore this type of talk.  Honestly, I’ve gotten much better at ignoring the crap and doing my own thing, but part of my work is defending those who can’t defend themselves.  There isn’t a damn thing wrong with loving an animal that seems goofy, or with wearing comfortable clothes that have some meaning, or escaping into a fantasy world for a little while.  What is wrong is creating a fantasy world where you separate people based on an arbitrary opinion. 

At the end of the day, who cares, right?  Do what you want to do because people will ALWAYS judge.  It doesn’t matter what it is.  Do your best and surpass any and all expectations and be the person you want to be.  We only get one shot at this life and we don’t have a lot of say in what happens to us, but we have all the say in how we react to it.  Ignoring naysayers isn’t always easy, but you can’t let people stop you from being who you are.  Choose to be kind.  Choose to give your life more meaning than judging people for fun.  Choose to pursue what you love at all costs.  Choose to bring joy to your life so you can bring joy to someone else.  Choose to be you.  Choose to make the best of what you have—you will never regret it.

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