No Obligation

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“Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you have to do it,” Victoria Labalme.  We are taught that anything we are innately good at needs to be what we do with our lives as long as it is within the prescribed safe venture zone.  People suffocate under the weight of what they should do and they feel if they get some semblance of certainty and safety in their lives they need to do that.  They repeat the same day over and over for years and call it a life only to wake up and realize that 90% of what they did with their life was not their own.

We are obligated to do nothing other than to fulfill our purpose.  I didn’t say society’s definition of purpose—I said our purpose.  We’ve trained people to go along with the program and we still force it to some degree even seeing the cracks in the system.  Hell, even seeing the blatant flaws in the system we cling to it because it’s familiar.  It’s amazing how we will suffocate in the illusion of security but we will shrink away from the things that give ups true freedom.  I include myself in that as well. 

I was really good at doing what I was told for a long time.  I did really well in school.  I mentioned just the other day that I was quite adept at taking in facts and regurgitating them.  Where did that get me?  Was I going to be a professional student the rest of my life?  Was my job going to consist of sitting at desks and taking tests all day?  No.  And that is where I failed.  I lost the ability to generate unique thought for a long time.  I realized I wasn’t good at anything because I never spent the time honing my own craft or listening to my own ideas because I thought there was some endpoint, some master test where I would be granted what I needed.  If someone didn’t tell me what to do I didn’t know which way to go.  I thought someone would magically tell me which awesome and fun thing I was meant to do all day.

I repeated this pattern for over a decade in my job in records.  My days consisted of filing documents where they needed to be and I was incredible at it.  I worked my way up from a tech to a lead and I knew the ins and outs of every document in the hospital.  But I was bored.  There was no where else to go because my boss had me to do everything for him so he was comfy in his position.  It certainly wasn’t fulfilling.  I could have easily stayed there for 30 years repeating the same thing every day, getting by, taking the occasional vacation but that would have been stifling to the point of death.  I wanted to live. 

Being good at something doesn’t mean it’s for you.  Knowing how to take a test does not a future make.  Filing papers all day gets the job done but it isn’t the spark in life.  You can be good at a multitude of things but if the work doesn’t call to you you’re wasting your time.  Reserve the right to change your mind at any time.  If it isn’t working try a different avenue.  But don’t repeat the same thing over and over again until it’s too late.  Take the chance on something you love rather than waste your time in perceived security with something that’s just ok.  Life is a gift and we can make it a magical experience.  We are meant to feel the magic and we have to remember that sometimes, in order to feel the magic we have to create it. 

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