Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for a truly beautiful start to the day.  I woke up to the cats milling about and the dog obsessively licking herself and I rolled over thinking I would have some time to stretch and wake myself up.  I was planning on getting work done and starting to clean up the house after I fed the animals.  Then my son woke up.  His little face popped up at the end of the bed and I knew none of that would get done.  For whatever reason, I didn’t freak out and I told him to climb up in bed with us and he was so happy.  I realized that my little boy is now four years old and someday that type of Sunday won’t happen.  It felt totally calm as he laid down with us and knew that I was meant to spend that time with him.

Today I am grateful for a truly relaxing weekend with my family.  We’ve been doing so much work around the house it was nice to take a day off and have fun—it’s been a really long time since we’ve had fun with each other, especially after the last few months of loss and illness.  We spent Saturday outside in the beautiful weather, playing on the scooter, laughing, feeling the wind, feeling life again.  My son had a blast learning how to ride his scooter and I had so much fun falling over and over, feeling my body move again.  The human spirit is resilient and moving my body connected me to the moment, exactly where I needed to be.   

Today I am grateful for the work I’ve done.  I am seeing results in my life.  The main thing is that I’m feeling more and more like me.  It feels like I’m stepping more and more into myself, like I’m waking up from a really long sleep.  It’s a little disorienting, but I feel the more I step into my authenticity the more I feel alive.  It is a slowing of the mind and a quickening of actions aligned with who I am.  I’m excited to see what else is in store and what else I can co-create, but for now, I feel amazing recognizing that I’m progressing and that I’m shedding the layers I’ve created over the years.

Today I am grateful to be moving forward.  We are moving on to the next chapter of our lives and we aren’t holding back.  We are awake and taking these steps consciously and purposefully.  Yes, it’s still scary and I have moments of worrying that it won’t work out but I am telling myself repeatedly that what is meant for me is coming my way—and I take the next step.  I know it’s time in my life to go on to the next thing and to create the life I really want.  It’s time to release all of the things and fears I’ve been holding onto like a crutch because they were familiar and it’s time to embrace the unknown. And for the first time, I feel ready.

Today I am grateful for a sense of peace.  The day started with one of those fleeting moments of happiness, and I do not take that for granted.  There were a few moments of tension today and we were able to take our breath and work through it.  Not once did it feel like the world was falling apart or like we had to be doing something else.  We were totally present and with each other.  We were up so early this morning that we had a really early lunch.  We just got up and went instead of waiting for the “right” time.  I know that seems little but that is a big thing for us.  We finished up some of the work we wanted to do and then we napped.  We’ve been doing that a lot lately—listening to our bodies and working as much as we can and then slowing down as needed.  It feels good.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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