Remember to Forget

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“The more we unlearn, the more we remember,” Dulce Ruby. How much have we been told about who we are that is not our own?  Things like we have to go to a certain school, get a certain job, make a certain amount of money, behave a certain way in public, buy a certain house, have a certain marriage to a certain type of person, and have a certain number of kids.  The beauty in learning about ourselves is that we learn to be ourselves. 

As we get closer to our purpose, the more we see how much of what we do isn’t what we want to do—it is what we were told to do.  We’ve perpetuated the same system with little thought as to why for centuries.  The good thing about a system that hasn’t evolved as we have is that we are starting to see the flaws—and they are getting more difficult for people to hide.  We can no longer pretend that the system serves us and we are understanding that we serve a system. 

It is our responsibility to continue to awaken and remember what we are here for.  Unlearning can be uncomfortable and even scary because we are often working from a place of unknown.  As creatures who seek answers, foresight, and closure, moving forward into an uncertain and unpredictable future is terrifying.  But moving into the unknown is what we have done for a millennium.  We’ve followed our curiosity to learn what works and what doesn’t.  We have lost touch with that curiosity in place of what we are told to do. 

Remembering is about letting go of all of those preconceived ideas we’ve been taught and putting faith in the creation of something new even if it isn’t tangible yet.  We have to trust in our ability to learn something new.  And we have to reinforce the idea of global impact.  We are moving into a new paradigm and this last year has shown how inextricably linked we all are.  This is the perfect time to dive in to make those changes.  To let go of the outmoded ideas we have been living in.

Unlearning is an opportunity to learn something new.  It all starts with paying attention to what we do without thinking every day.  We live so much of our lives on auto pilot—everything from hitting the snooze button to driving to work to drinking that extra cup of coffee to finishing the entire plate when we stopped being hungry half way through.  When we pay attention, we notice the patterns and we notice what doesn’t work—where we need to change.  We are meant to evolve and develop new systems.  We aren’t meant to repeat the same patterns forever, especially when they no longer serve.

If you’re unsure of where to start, pick up a new book.  Try a new food.  Take a new route to work.  Get out of bed without hitting snooze.  Try to shake things up a bit.  Get out of your routine and do something else.  There is a lot of life to live outside of your comfort zone.  For me, the first thing I did was try working out every morning.  I felt good with a light workout and it started my body moving again.  I didn’t feel so lethargic.  Then I threw in a spiritual practice of drawing cards every morning.  I found that to be a nice way to set the tone for the day.  Each small step in our own lives creates a ripple out in the world.  You see yourself differently and you perceive the world differently.  It all starts with us.  Let’s change reality. 

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