Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for clearing.  I’ve been feeling overwhelmed and cluttered lately.  We live in a beautiful space but it isn’t big by any means and we have managed to fill pretty much every inch of it.  While I feel completely blessed and grateful for what we have, I have struggled to keep it organized.  Today I spent a huge chunk of the day organizing my son’s toys and putting some storage spaces together.  It felt amazing.  They say the outside is a reflection of the inside and I was definitely feeling chaotic.  Clearing the space helped a lot to clear my mind.  It’s really empowering.

Today I am grateful for time spent with family.  Yesterday I was able to see my sister and really talk about things.  Needless to say we need human interaction and it has been a long time since I was able to talk with anyone on that level.  It was so cathartic and validating as well as inclusive because we feel the same way about so many experiences we’ve shared.  I need my sisters so much and I’m so glad I’m able to talk with them. 

Today I am grateful to share—these words, my time with my son, my time with my animals.  Having that talk with my sister yesterday gave me a clear example of what I wrote about on New Year’s Day.  If you want love, you need to be love.  So to be an example of sharing to witness our common humanity, I am absolutely willing to share more.  I am willing to be with my son and help him learn and grow and play.  I am willing to love my fur babies because they need it.

Today I am grateful to remember the purpose of play.  I tend to be a pretty anxious and driven person where I’m constantly going from one next “to-do” to the next.  Being with my son is a constant reminder to find joy in everything we do together.  He said to me today, “Do you know who I like spending time with? You.” Melts my heart and I love having that little reminder of how important it is to be present with him. 

Today I am grateful for the support of the universe.  I had been wanting to join a 21 day manifesting challenge that started on January 1st and I wasn’t able to partake in that.  So I’ve had a to-be-read pile for quite a while and today I started “Badass Habits” by Jen Sincero.  It turns out it’s is a 21 day guide to creating and sticking with new habits to get the life you want.  I HAD NO IDEA that was the structure of the book; I thought it was a discussion about a series of new habits, not a practical 21 day guide about manifesting your life through new habits.  Love that synchronicity.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead!

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