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“If you are willing to be uncomfortable, you get to see what you’re capable of,” Brooke Castillo.  WOW.  That hit like a lead balloon to the gut.  You know how they say you can hear the same message a thousand times but sometimes you need to hear it from the right person/in the right way for it to click?  This was it for me.  The instant I read those words, I saw all of the ways I’ve been more concerned with preserving my comfort than making real progress, I saw the ways I’ve been too afraid to step up.  And I knew that to make things happen, I would have to do the work. 

All this time I have felt like I was doing the work—and don’t get me wrong, I have been working–but this made me question it all.  Was I doing enough?  No.  I was still hiding behind my comfort and my ego.  I wrote an article a few months back about knowing when you’re not doing enough and redirecting the effort…and guilt popped in for a moment because I hadn’t been practicing my own message as much as I could have been.

So here is what I am willing to do:

I’m willing to be uncomfortable with my current routine.  I have gotten complacent and fallen into the not-enough-time trap.  I need to take better care of myself even if it means focusing on something important to me or hanging out more with my kid—in a more present manner (not me working while he’s on the tablet in the same room). 

I’m finally willing to be uncomfortable with my flaws.  I’ve done a good job of projecting what I wanted people to think I am.  Now I need to know/be/do what I really am. 

I’m willing to be uncomfortable with my comfort.  I have to recognize where down-time is needed but I can’t keep looking for it.  I can give up some of that non-productive time to put in a little more work for my business and for my health.  My life is worth being a little more uncomfortable to make way for the things I am trying to create.  It makes the comfortable moments that much sweeter.

I’m willing to be uncomfortable with my insecurity/fear.  So much of what I’m afraid of stems from not knowing if I could do it.  There were too many instances I thought I was ok, that I had it—and I failed.  It happened a lot.  Sometimes before I walked in the room, I had already failed.  Sometimes for no reason.  Now I see where I need to take responsibility and accountability and how to keep moving.

I’m willing to be uncomfortable with everything I’ve pushed down.  It’s time to be honest and own all parts of me.  Pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make them go away. 

I’m willing to be uncomfortable with the real me.  Raw, unfiltered.  Yes, I may lose some people in my life—but it will mean finding myself.  Joseph Campbell said, “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”  What are you willing to be uncomfortable with?   

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