Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for an abundance of love.  Things have been changing so rapidly in my personal life that, as exciting as everything is, it has been easy to get swept up in momentum rather than the moment.  I was blessed to spend time with my parents today and to witness both their excitement and their vulnerability as we talked about the future.  Time moves quickly and I don’t take a moment for granted.  Love is about being in those moments with people and just holding them as they are.

Today I am grateful for alignment.  Today was one of those rare days where everything felt like it happened just as it was meant to.  The timing was right, everything was aligned, and the day just flowed.  It was truly one of those laid back easy days even though there were a million things I had to accomplish.

Today I am grateful for being alive in this day and age.  There are so many insane things happening in this world, things many of us thought we would never see, and to be here in this time, feeling it all means that I am part of something that will sprout roots for generations.  I feel so grateful to have the chance to share my message and to be a part of this revolution.  I will always regret the events that made this revolution necessary, but I am beyond grateful to be part of the solution.

Today I am grateful to witness things I have never experienced before.  Last night my husband, son, and I were able to see DragonX and the International Space Station cross the sky over our place.  On a whim I had been looking at an article and it mentioned that we’d be able to see it.  We went out and waited and sure enough, after a few minutes of looking at the stars and planets, we saw the smooth flight of DragonX quickly followed by the ISS.  What an incredibly cool moment!

Today I am grateful for good junk food.  I took my son on a walk/bike ride through our neighborhood and ran into some friends.  They mentioned a type of sandwich we all love so we made the quick decision that is what we were going to have for dinner.  It was a great treat to get some food and eat outside with the clear blue sky, listening to music, and taking a short drive.

Today I am grateful to step into the woman I am meant to become.  This is a time of transition.  Roles are shifting as my parents age, as my son is growing, as I’m developing my skills in a new way.  Perhaps this is really about acceptance.  When we finally enter a state of flow, life moves.  And that is the point: life moves no matter what so it’s easier to go with it than fight against it.

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