Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for being pushed out of my comfort zone.  Thinking of how things are going to be changing over the next few weeks has put my mind into overdrive because there are a lot of unknowns.  It’s not quite anxiety but it is a pressing anticipation.  I am grateful for this because the things I used to think about doing now have to be done.  I used to think that speaking about things was enough to instill change or prove I was a certain way.  Now that I’m home, I’m seeing how much more I need to do.  I need to stand behind those words.  My actions need to match those words.  This is an opportunity to get creative and show another side of myself.

Today I am grateful to be held accountable.  All of those things I said I wanted to do like getting the house organized, creating my business, creating the product, having fun with my family, trying new recipes—this is the opportunity to fulfill all of that.  This is the chance to be the person I want to be.

Today I am grateful to continue to prioritize what needs to be done.  It’s uncomfortable to have so much perceived down time (not that there isn’t plenty to do) because we have to admit to ourselves how much we’ve filled our lives with things that aren’t totally necessary.  The distraction and the busy we’ve filled our lives with are nothing but that—distraction and self-made busy.  We are learning a new way to get things done.  We are learning a new way of doing everything and seeing what is really important.

Today I am grateful for opportunities.  During this crisis I am fortunate enough to have various opportunities when it comes to work because of the work I do.  This isn’t something to take for granted and I am learning how to share that privilege with others.  I see the potential in how this could work for people long term and I can only hope that the possibilities spread themselves to others.  I pray we come together as a collective to ease the strain for others who are unable to work status quo.

Today I am grateful for the potential that is coming out of this situation.  This is going to create a new way to look at work, both how much we work and what work needs to be done, this is going to create a healthier Earth as pollution levels have already dropped significantly, this is going t create a new way of interacting with people as we view humanity in a new light.  These are incredibly powerful transitional things and we will all be better for it on the other side.

Today I am grateful to my team in healthcare.  I fully recognize the work they do, the sacrifices they are making, and even the risk they are taking and I give them all the honor I can as they deal with this.  While I also work in healthcare, I am in a different capacity so my work is on a different side.

Today I am grateful to have the chance to play my part.  I am also grateful to see that my role in this may be different than I initially thought.  I have felt so much discontent for so long and that is because I’ve been fighting what I am meant to do.  I have been playing along with someone else’s story and trying to fulfill their expectations instead of my own.  The greatest opportunity out of this situation is to learn who we are and to do what we need to do even if it’s a small part.  I will fulfill my obligations no matter how small.  And if we can all do that, then we will get through this.

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