Sunday Gratitude

time lapse photography of railway and building during nighttime

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Today I am grateful for completion.  We managed to finish several projects we’ve been procrastinating on and it feels amazing.  I also was able to do a ton of food prep this week—not just lunches, but dinners and a snack as well.  It felt like an incredibly productive day.

Today I am grateful for the amazing little moments.  This morning while I was doing all of my meal prep, my son came in the room and he helped me put together the last of the snacks by rolling them in coconut for me.  He had an absolute blast and it was the first time he got to do more than just watch me—which he loves doing that as well—but he impressed me and really helped out.  It’s pretty awesome to watch my little man grow up.

Today I am grateful for spontaneity.  While we were waiting for laundry to get done and for a few other miscellaneous things to finish, we had the opportunity to run as a family and get our hair cut.  It was nice to get all of our hair done at once.  Since my cousin cuts hair, it was also a nice chance to see her and catch up.

Today I am grateful for extra snuggles.  Right before we decided to go get our hair cut, my son and I snuggled on the couch together and laughed and got cozy under the blankets.  I feel so fortunate to have such an affectionate son.

Today I am grateful for a level headed husband.  There were a lot of emotions today and a lot of chaos but he kept going forward.  I had wanted to get some of this work done yesterday so I was a little frustrated but we managed to pull it off today.

Today I am grateful for trying a new routine.  The last two mornings I have been up relatively early and the first thing I have done is take care of the dog and then the cats.  After the dog ate, I then took her out for another walk.  Moving my body first thing in the morning isn’t something I usually have the time to do and it felt amazing.  It made me realize how much I sit and how much more I need to move.

Today I am grateful for the new perception of time.  I struggle with anxiety related to time and not getting things finished when I feel they should be.  As I was enjoying the walk/run I took with the dog this morning, I realized that all of the pressure I put on myself related to time is just that: pressure I put on myself.  Things always get done.  Always.  Going with the situation and doing what needs to be done is much easier than fighting it.

Today I am grateful for my bed.  As I write this, I’m thinking of what a busy weekend it has been and I am looking forward to sleep.  I’m proud I’ve been moving things forward again because it means that I am working toward my goals—and making progress.  But I am enjoying the process.  It feels better taking action than it does sitting and waiting for something to happen.  Small Steps for Big Results.

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