A Thanksgiving Message

sharing cherry tomatoes

Photo by fauxels on Pexels.com

Today is a day that has been mired throughout history.  I wish to reclaim it for what the intent is: a day of thanks and gratitude.  A day of sharing and love.  Of togetherness and joy.  I feel so incredibly fortunate to have spent this day with my family enjoying our time together and eating delicious food, sharing memories and expressing our happiness.  It was truly a day of remembering the reasons we all came together in the first place and letting all of the nonsense pass.

I feel doubly blessed because after an amazing afternoon with family, we were able to spend our evening with our friends as well.  Laughter filled the room as we had conversation, watched the kids play, and ate some more 😊.  I consider my family incredibly blessed to have so many loving people to share the day with and to have had the opportunity to have made so many memories.  I feel blessed to be able to express the love I feel to so many people.  I feel even more blessed to share these events with my son and to teach him what life is really about.

One last blessing that I feel unbelievably grateful for today is the ability to share these gifts as a little reminder to whomever reads this message.  It’s a reminder that we move forward and heal with the small things.  Too often we are caught up with looking for the big goal that we disregard the moments in front of us.  It is so important to cherish each moment we are given because the big moments all come from the momentum of the small moments.  We don’t get where we are going without being where we are right now.  It is the action that comes from our present sense of self that creates the future we are looking for.

So on this Thanksgiving day, enjoy.  Love.  Appreciate what you have.  Love the family you were born with or the family you made or the family you adopted or the family that took you in.  Love where you are.  Love where you are going.  Love everything that is what you are.  Be grateful for it all.  If you can’t be grateful for what you have, be grateful for what you are building.  Remember that there is always more to be grateful for than there is to be bitter about.  Today is a day to focus on the blessings whether they are big or small.  Count them all and be happy.  Happy Thanksgiving, all.

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