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For those who don’t know, Rob Dyrdek has a really enlightening podcast where he discusses business, mindset, life, success strategies, and other general tips.  I listened to him speak about mindset the other day and he covered the concept of 4 stages of mind.  In all the years I’ve studied mindset, growth, and self-development, this is the first time I’ve actually heard this broken down so simply but so accurately.  It solidified for me two things: 1. Complex issues/thoughts really can be broken down simply.  That’s often how you know you really understand something.  2. I’ve been over complicating the mindset and lifestyle I want to have—I can simply adjust the type of mindset I have.  I’ve known what I’m looking for but I’ve muddied the water with fear by getting too specific and rigid on what I want and how I want it.  I think most of us do that to a degree because we are taught in language that tries to make the person seem special, like they know more and you need them to get what you want.  Not that we don’t need mentors, just that we don’t need it as complicated as they make it. 

Let’s walk from the reactive to the magnetic.  The first level is the REACTIVE mindset.  You’re just getting by. You’re not falling behind but you’re not getting ahead.  You aren’t able to see beyond what is immediately in front of you, you’re missing deadlines because you’re too busy volleying different issues at the same time.  The second level is the AWARE mindset.  You understand what you want to do but whether or not you take action is hit or miss.  You know what you’d like to do and you see that you haven’t been making the progress you want.  The third level is the PROACTIVE mindset.  This is where you’ve moved beyond strictly reacting and you are completely aware of your role in what happens.  This is where you take that extra step to intentionally move things forward in your life.  The last step is the MAGNETIC mindset where you exist in such a state of flow that you draw the question/answer/solutions in real time are drawn to you.  The life you want opens up because you see the path and the doorway before they are visible.  It requires discipline in all aspects.

How cool is that explanation of elevating our mindset?  So simple.  No judgement.  Just an awareness of where you are on your path and a decision to elevate for a different result.  It’s so appropriate as we head into the New Year.  I’m not talking about spreading the resolution, New Year New You mindset.  I’m talking about spreading the mindset of making a decision on where you want to go and looking at the choices around you with the question, “Will this decision get me closer to where I want to be?” in mind.  That question becomes what guides you forward.  The thought of whether or not what you’re doing is actually working is your focus because you see a different goal.  And how cool is it to let go of the concept of time and be in that state of flow to the degree you just ARE what you’re trying to be?  It’s about letting the real you, out.

I plan on taking this journey this year because, while I’ve done the work for a long time and while I’ve been diving even deeper this last year, and yes I’ve even sought help for these things with my mindset, I want to maintain the awareness of where I’m going over the fear of where I’m at.  It is so important to develop that clarity and we’ve taken many journeys with the idea of clarity.  This coming year is about practice and these levels of mindset truly make it an actionable concept.  Like I said earlier, often times people overcomplicate this practice because they want to make themselves invaluable.  The real mark of the ability to elevate is to fly on your own.  I will say this does take into account the process I mentioned earlier in 2022 about identifying where you’re at, where you want to be, and how to close the gap.  I feel like this is the missing link in closing the gap.  Who’s ready to step up? 

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