Sunday Gratitude

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Today I am grateful for friends.  I’m normally a pretty reserved, quiet person.  I tend to not need a lot of interaction with people.  I’m pretty self-sufficient (thank you childhood trauma).  But I am blessed to still have moments of absolute caring and support from people.  There are people who don’t care about my hyper independence, people who love me and I am so fortunate to get to spend time with them.  I saw my best friend of 32 years yesterday and it felt amazing.  It’s always like no time passes yet we are aware of where we are in each other’s lives.  This is a relationship beyond friendship, she is family. 

Today I am grateful for experiences.  I went to my second Renaissance Faire yesterday with other friends and my husband and son.  One of my favorite things is seeing my son experience things for the first time and there are so many things to see at a Ren Faire.  It was a delightful morning, seeing people unwind and be who they are along with the entertainers and games and stores.  It’s nice to get out of routine and just enjoy a new experience every now and then.

Today I am grateful for learning.  As we evolve and change, so do our circumstances.  These are not innate things we know how to navigate on our own.  Today I spent some time with my husband and my mentor going over some work we are trying to accomplish.  Moving forward and making decisions to change a lifestyle and accept and embrace the new that comes with it is a challenge.  But it is always worth it.  As overwhelmed as I feel, it’s amazing to know that this work lays the foundation for our family and things we want to experience together.

Today I am grateful for faith.  Doing something new takes a real leap of faith, and doing that while things are relatively shaky requires even more faith.  Without it we stagnate because we don’t trust ourselves or source/whatever we may believe in enough to move.  We happened to be hit by an unexpected expense a few weeks ago and we are working on recovering through that, but I know we will be ok.  Taking additional chances to start a new venture after this expenditure is even more risky—but I know that’s even more reason to do it.  I am grateful for choosing not to stagnate, not to stick with fear, not to stick with what I knew and to move forward.

Today I am grateful for discomfort.  No, this isn’t something I normally embrace.  I’m fairly risk averse and I like having some sense of security.  That isn’t a terrible thing but the things we need are often outside of that boundary.  They are on the other side of the things we do to stay “stable” and secure.  Trying something new is a risk but it’s even more risky waiting for the life you want to develop on its own, through hope and wishes.  Now don’t get me wrong, hope and wishes are part of that as well because we need some kind of faith—but we have to take action.  We have to take the steps shown to us when the time comes because they are a direct response to the things we’ve asked for.  I’m grateful because the steps are uncomfortable, but they are going to get me where I need to be.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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